Client Research

We do original research with most of our clients and on questions of interest to many organizations.  We recently did research projects on the following questions:

  1. What is the business case for the Global Reporting Initiative?
  2. What is the financially best option for a renewable energy source?
  3. Among 20 firms, what lessons can we learn about our own competitiveness using environmental sustainability [the benchmark firms were a combination of industry competitors and best-in-class firms in environmental sustainability principles and practices].
  4. What is the best software to support our life cycle analysis?
  5. What impact will our new plant in China make on our environmental footprint?
  6. What is the best process for developing a complete strategic plan at a university using environmental sustainability as the basis?
  7. What is the best environmental management system for our firm?
  8. What impact will a change in our product composition have on the product’s environmental footprint?
  9. How can we best manage our most important resource (water) to supply our plants around the world?
  10. How can we develop an innovation process that will use environmental sustainability principles and practices and generate organic growth?

Our research teams are composed when the question is posed by a client?  For example, we have chemists, engineers, behavioral scientists, biologists and finance professionals working on several of our projects.  These people come from various organizations around the world.