Client: Large Bank
Location: Northeast (home office); National footprint
Issue: Need to establish a process for innovation including using environmental sustainability as a lens for service innovation

This six month assignment had several goals:

  1. Develop a visual model of the innovation to scale project at the bank.
  2. Create a specific ramp-up process including timelines and project outcomes for introducing and scaling efforts at Key Bank. The major milestones will include developing a process, gaining traction and working towards results.  The major outcomes were to focus on the Consumer Segment and serve as the foundation for future expansion to the rest of the bank. Including retail banking and the small business sector.
  3. Design at least five major innovation initiatives.
  4. Establish a portfolio of products and ways to communicate about the portfolio.
  5. Build capacity in terms of educating several teams within the bank.
  6. Link the innovation effort to the core bank strategy.

Results of this assignment were the development of three areas of innovation including eight new services.