SP3 – Sustainability for people, planet and profit

Global climate change, limited environmental resources, a mandate for carbon emission restraints, and the need to find new avenues for competitiveness will result in monumental challenges that will require the development of core sustainability strategies in organizations.

Sustainability is not only good for the survival of our planet it is a key means to increased profitability and sustainable communities. Are you prepared for what lies ahead? SP3 has the skills, network and imagination to help.

Industry News

Looking for Trump’s Climate Policy? Try the Energy Department

The president’s proposed reductions to the department’s research may have a greater impact on climate change than the Paris accord decision.

Q. AND A.: For a Hotel Beekeeper, Honey Is Just the Beginning

Noel Patterson educates guests at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson on the importance of bees, leads tastings and encourages backyard hives.

Trump Budget Proposes Deep Cuts in Energy Innovation Programs

The spending plan also calls for raising billions of dollars by opening up public lands to oil and gas drilling and selling oil from the...

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